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Altivolus caters to the Editorial, Abstracting, Data Conversion and Prepress Activities needs of the companies across the globe.
Altivolus is also into providing legal Services. We have team led by lawyers and legal professionals with experience in both US and UK law.
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Archival Services

Most organizations have large volume of paper documents, such as corporate records, legal files, and past publications, accumulated over a period of time. Storing them for a long period of time involves both cost and effort. We offer full service archival, converting paper based information to non perishable digital formats.

However, data that exist only in print form must be securely preserved, so that the information assets can be easily searched, retrieved, and accessed by target users across the globe.

We have latest technology and state-of-the-art scanning facilities to convert legacy files from paper to multiple formats. Our staff expertise in document scanning. digital imaging, OCR, and indexing. This helps in quick and cost effect archival of bulk documents and information assets.