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Altivolus caters to the Editorial, Abstracting, Data Conversion and Prepress Activities needs of the companies across the globe.
Altivolus is also into providing legal Services. We have team led by lawyers and legal professionals with experience in both US and UK law.
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Forms processing

Altivolus has the experienced team of people with specialization in forms processing. Forms that may include order forms, surveys and other response forms etc. could be handled very efficiently. This helps you to streamline your data collection process.

We complete this task efficiently by combining proper form design and the latest OCR technology. Outsourcing of this task helps you save time and money by speeding the flow of accurate and useful information to your organization.

If you need to capture data or images from high volumes of paper forms we are there to provide quick and reliable services.

Need to capture data or images from high volumes of paper forms?

Tax returns and checks
Voter registration records
Census forms
Business reply cards
Health insurance claims
Credit card applications

We also provide service of converting the forms (in PDF format) to editable forms. So that it could be used directly for the accessing and filling forms online.