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Altivolus caters to the Editorial, Abstracting, Data Conversion and Prepress Activities needs of the companies across the globe.
Altivolus is also into providing legal Services. We have team led by lawyers and legal professionals with experience in both US and UK law.
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HTML, SGML and XML Services

We specialize in data capture and content conversion. We use high-end scanners to scan hard copy drawings, documents or microfilms and use Optical Character Recognition (OCR) technologies.

We convert hardcopies, PDFs to fully searchable HTML/SGML/XML, and also handle digital conversion from native formats such as Microsoft Word. We also convert the data (HTML/SGML to XML and vice versa).

Our other services regarding HTM, SGM and XML includes:

Creating CSS (Cascading stylesheet) as per DTD.
Development of XML Schemas.
Development of DTD (Document Type Definition).
Development of XSL (Extensible Stylesheet Language) for XML data transformation.
Development of Microsoft Word VBA tools for .doc input files to HTML, SGML and XML Conversion.
Development of quality control tools for checking XML, HTML and SGML data before sending to the client.
Provide services of XML to PDF output using XSL-FO.