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Altivolus caters to the Editorial, Abstracting, Data Conversion and Prepress Activities needs of the companies across the globe.
Altivolus is also into providing legal Services. We have team led by lawyers and legal professionals with experience in both US and UK law.
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Indexing and Abstracting

Experienced and skilled staff at Altivolus helps our clients to access high quality data with absolute ease and at competitive prices. Our team include group of subject experts and technical writers. We undertake both informative and indicative abstracting of journal articles and indexing of books and periodicals. Our aim is to provide quality work to our clients.

Our strengths include :

Ability to deliver on schedule
Commitment to accuracy
Highly educated and skilled work-force
Quick turnaround time

The types of abstracts that we can provide include:

A. Informative Abstracts: Summarize the substance of a piece of writing, providing detailed and specific information about its important points. Readers may rely on the abstract alone for information on a topic.
B. Indicative (descriptive abstracts): Indicate the subject of the text by describing a document´s type, the main subjects covered, and the way the facts are treated (much like table of contents does for a book). Does not encapsulate the corresponding text or its substance.
C. Critical Abstracts: Provides a summary of the target material, in addition to a reasoned opinion about the contents of subject material. Most often related to scholarly works.
D. Structured Abstracts: Used for clinical research articles, they follow a defined structure and organization. Structured abstracts often adhere to recognized and established format- objective/purpose, methodology and results, and conclusion.
E. Patent Abstracts: A type of structured abstract used primarily for patent application documents. As with the structured abstracts, these are characterized by defined structures and elements.